Accessibility Statement

AHV is committed to improving the accessibility of its digital network for users with disabilities.

AHV recognises the importance of providing web accessible content to all users of our digital network and it is our aim to meet conformance level A for all AHV content published on our network. In many areas, our website already conforms to a higher accessibility standard.

This page is intended to provide tips and useful information to assist users with disabilities to access this website. 

Contact us

We invite you to provide feedback of your experience with our website. We take all feedback into consideration and will endeavour to respond to you within a timely manner.

Please contact:

Narrandjeri House
125-127 Scotchmer Street
North Fitzroy
VIC 3068, Australia

T (03) 9403 2100
F (03) 9403 2122

How to use our accessibility features

Using the Keyboard

When you press the Tab key after a page has loaded we provide skip links to the main navigation and content area. Most elements which are clickable are outlined when you access them using the Tab key.

We do not define any access keys as assistive devices already define many key combinations. We want to avoid that access keys interfere with such key combinations.

Explaining Content

We strive to attach descriptions to each image which briefly describe it if you use a screen reader or have turned off images.

When your screen reader comes across content which is visually grouped together, or content which uses icons or other images, we try to insert additional text available to screen readers to explain the content or images.

Interactive Components

Some components of our pages are interactive, for example tabs or content that changes automatically. We attempt to provide you with a pause or stop control for such content to view it in your own time.

Enlarging the page

You can enlarge the page using your browser. On PCs press the 'CTRL' and '+' keys together to zoom into the page, on a Mac press the command key and '+'. Press 'CTRL' (or command key on the Mac) and '–' to zoom out.

Known Barriers

Media content within the communications section requires closed captions and audio transcripts.