Aboriginal Private Rental Assistance Program

When Aboriginal Victorians engage with the private rental market there are common barriers faced that make things hard for community members to secure private rental, these are;

1. Limited access to affordable or appropriate private rental

2. High level of difficulty to securing private rental due to experiences of racism and discrimination for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders

3. Due to past international policies a significant proportion of Aboriginal Victorians seeking homelessness and housing services have experienced trauma and may require more support to secure or maintain tenancies.

Originating through Aboriginal Housing Victoria, the Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Forum (Mana-ana worn tyeen maar-takoort) identified that doors needed to be opened to enable Indigenous communities throughout Victoria to enter private rental and home ownership. From this the Victorian Government has committed funding for the APRAP program to work with and empower Indigenous communities throughout Victoria when navigating the private rental market

Visit www.vahhf.org.au to learn more.

How does APRAP assist?

APRAP empowers Koori communities throughout Victoria by providing Private Rental specific housing support. It helps mob to find or sustain their current tenancy by assisting them with information about the private rental market and the housing search process, and offers practical support.

Who can access APRAP?

To be eligible for APRAP, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander households must either have no income, their main source of income is Centrelink, their income is unable to sustain their personal financial commitments and have defaulted in the payment of rent, utility bills or other personal debts or are experiencing family violence.

More information regarding eligibility can be found here

Link to APRAP guidelines

What ways can APRAP assist?

APRAP staff will work with their clients to identify the supports required and may be able to provide financial assistance to help cover costs of rental arrears, rent in advance or other tenancy establishment costs.

Where does APRAP assist?

APRAP staff are currently staffed at the following locations;

The program will be expanding to Eastern Gippsland through GEGAC in June of 2023.

Please email aprap@ahvic.org.au if you wish to find out more details

How to apply for APRAP

To apply for APRAP please call the office that is closest to you to find out more details. Alternatively, if you are a support worker and making a referral please complete the referral for your closest APRAP provider:

Contact us to learn more

Please email aprap@ahvic.org.au if you wish to find out more details